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New to the industry, but dedicated to our work and ethical standards. While our services are limited because of our small size, we can help and answer questions that may arise. 

Tax Preparation

Effective tax preparation and planning can help minimize future tax liabilites. Servicing individuals and small businesses in almost all states.

Business consulting

Electing an entity for your business has many implications. Make sure you understand your responsibilities as a business owner.

Public Notary

As a Notary Public, we can help handle various business and personal matters, such as witnessing and authenticating signatures.

Choose how you file

You have the option to file in person (by appointment), video chat, or simply drop off (or drop in your portal) and we will let you know when your return is ready.


Small business support all year round. We can help maintain good records to make tax season a breeze and so you always know how your business is standing.


As an authorized certifying acceptance agent by the IRS, SC Accounting offers services to our clients and foreign nationals who are not eligible for a SSN and must obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

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Working on your side!

Selina Chavez

Accountant, CAA.


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